Minneapolis First Seventh-day Adventist Church

Making and growing disciples for Jesus...
The curriculum requirements are as follows:
  • MY GOD
    • Have someone help you memorize Psalms 23:1.
    • Learn and sing a song about Jesus' love for you.
    • Read about the story of salvation and talk about God's relationship with Jesus and us.
    • Make a Thank You card, thanking God for something special to you.
    • Earn the Bible Friends star.
    • Earn the Prayers star.
    • Pick up your toys or help set the table properly for five days.
    • For one week, do something nice for everyone in your family (i.e. tell them you love them, draw them a picture, help clean, etc.).
    • Have prayer at family worship.
    • Draw a picture of your family and tell about your picture.
    • Have someone help you memorize Exodus 20:12.
    • Earn the Native American star.
    • Earn the Kitchen Fun star.
    • Learn the names of five fish and color a picture of each.
    • Learn six different shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle, diamond, and oval).
    • Learn your alphabet, colors, and numbers.
    • From magazines, cut out pictures of 20 plants and animals that God made and put them in a scrapbook.
    • Read the story of creation and do a craft about what you read.
    • Take a nature walk and collect any pieces of trash you see on the floor.
    • Plant a seed and take care of it.
    • Have someone help you memorize John 3:17.
    • Earn the Leaves star.
    • Earn the Pets honor.
    • Get someone you know very well (Mommy, Daddy, big brother or sister) to help you make an outline of your body using brown or white paper. Learn the main location of your body parts (eyes, nose, legs, hands, arms, feet, toes, and fingers).
    • Dress yourself for a week.
    • Make a picture of Jesus and you.
    • Make a book about yourself.
    • Learn your phone number and your parent's names.
    • Learn how to write your full name.
    • Have someone help you memorize Psalms 100:3
    • Earn the Jump for Joy star.
    • Earn the I Can Be a Big