Minneapolis First Seventh-day Adventist Church

Making and growing disciples for Jesus...
Our Mission

The Mission of the Mpls 1st SDA Adventurers is:

To set our children on a path to the Kingdom by creating an environment where they develop Christ-centered lifestyles with a strong foundation in Church fundamental beliefs and a heart toward service.  To do so we will:

1)      Teach what we believe and why we believe it – know and practice Church fundamental beliefs

2)      Perform charitable work & form community relationships

3)      Teach skills and knowledge recognized in the broader community

4)      Foster long-lasting relationships within the church

5)      Ensure a sense of fun and joy in Church and Club activities

6)      Teach respect for self and others – including those who believe differently

7)      Teach responsibility for self and others

8)      Provide opportunity for the children to develop leadership skills through demonstration and practice

9) Offer compelling programming and activities so our children don’t feel left out of activities offered outside of Church/Adventurers